• Juneteenth/No School- June 19th
  • Senior Class Trip, Smitty's Cinema - May 28th
  • Graduation- June 1st
  • Prom/Half Day- May 24th
  • Last Day of School for Seniors - May 24th
  • Last Day Of School (non-seniors) - June 14th
  • Memorial Day/No School- May 27th
  • Credit for life- May 23rd
The student news site of Pentucket Regional High School

Pentucket Profile

The student news site of Pentucket Regional High School

Pentucket Profile

The student news site of Pentucket Regional High School

Pentucket Profile

    Photography as a way in and an escape?

    Two contradicting statements, how could they both be true?

    Photography was something introduced to me two years ago now. I never thought anything would truly come of it or that it would have much of an impact on my life. However, over time, and as I became more involved in the hobby, I realized it is both a way in as well as an escape.

    When I say it has become a way in, I mean that it has forced me to become more involved primarily at school. I was never one to go to sporting events or dances. They always just seemed boring and like a waste of time to me. That was until I thought about it differently. I had this realization that I could go to the events but while doing something I enjoy. Going to these events and games to take photos has helped me build connections with various people as I typically share the photos to the people in them. Seeing the reactions from others has made it extremely worth it.

    An escape. what I mean by this is that photography has given me a creative outlet that allows me to focus solely on taking pictures and not worry about anything else I have going on. This is not only the case when I take pictures for school, but also when I am having a rough day and I grab my camera bag, go for a drive, and find somewhere new to photograph. These moments are when I am most at peace and truly live in that exact moment.

    Overall, I am beyond grateful that photography was introduced to me and something I have stuck with as it has changed me for the better.

    Here are some of my favorite photos from this year:

    Photo Source: @pentucket_2024 on Instagram
    Photo Source: @thepentucket2025 on Instagram

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