The Mean Girls Apparatus

Girls.  Girls.  Girls.

Simple and sweet they seem; until the devious side emerges and they stab their pink, manicured claws into your back.  This seemingly evil behavior that seems to haunt girls is especially prevalent in the unrelenting world of high school: the only legal form of child imprisonment left.

They attack with their words, and stares. And don’t get in their way because they will trample you with their Gucci heels to get on top.  All. Hail. The. Queen.

Jealousy, emptiness, and hate flow through their veins to their black diamond heart.  Like leeches they suck the life out of those who cannot get away fast enough, those who don’t fit in to a “stereotype” or are seen as different.

Their role models are the Barbie-type people of the world, who claim their breasts are real, when they are pressed all the way up to their necks.

Perfect hair, perfect teeth, flowing hair, sexy boyfriend and an expensive car, without these so called “necessities” their world comes tumbling down.

Social media is the mean girls’ reign.  Rumors and Gossip spread like wildfire in their kingdom and they don’t spare a single soul.

But why are these girls so vindictive, so mean?

It’s the stereotypes, the media, and sometimes even girls’ personal lives that all impact the lack of morals in these so called “mean girls.”

It is time to put out this mean girl flame, for good.  Stop using harmful words like “slut” and other vulgar names; over throw the mean girls’ reign of social media, and try to relate to others despite the stereotypes and hate.

We are all the same.  We all have ovaries and lady parts.  We all have struggles and fears.  And we are all able to be strong, independent women, without the presence of the Regina George’s of the world.