The New Generation: Poetry

Here’s to us,

The new generation,

Dealing with wars, social failure, and racial segregation.

Fixing all the problems of the old,

And living on U.S. and global dreams of oil and gold.

The old judge us as if we are on trial we are always guilty,

The way they treat us is absolutely filthy.

We can do nothing right while they wage war,

And send the same people they insult towards heaven’s door.

Yet they wonder why we are so bitter, lacking positivity,

Well we live in the age of relativity.

Unemployment is the norm,

And if you’re working you’re flipping patties with an apartment no bigger than a college dorm.

So why insult us?

All their generation had for problems was Vietnam,

That’s no fuss.

If you compare it to the corruption, a lack of function, and an economic eruption.

That’s also ignoring our years of war in the Middle East which have yet to cease.

Yet they expect us to deal with three generations of debt.

And have a lack of compassion as to why we are all upset.

Well you can bet that when all is set,

We will rise above and their expectations,

Will be more then met.