Happy Sluts-O-Ween my friends! Well, the holiday isn’t quite here yet, but it shall soon be on its way!

Now, as a feminist, I stand up for women’s right to self-express themselves; sexually, emotionally, through their wardrobe, make up, and other various ways in which we portray who we are.  However, there becomes a point when girls and women need to gather some self-respect and stop throwing everything out there; stop being a piece of candy on Halloween rather than just a human being dressed in a costume.

How would you (the ladies, of course, or other dudes) feel if the guys’ manly parts were hanging out of the side of their costumes, trying to be “sexy?”  Probably not very good. Yuck…

It’s understandable, that it is almost 100% impossible to find a costume at the store that does not promote some sort of sexual appeal.  Sexy nurse, sexy witch, sexy bunny, and oh, let’s not forget the most popular “sexy cat,” that almost every non-creative girl at Pentucket LOVES to dress up as because they are oh, so, original. (Sense the sarcasm?)

But what girls’ fail to understand is that yeah, maybe this little, tight, short, skanky costume makes you feel like a super model for a day, but in reality, you are only making yourself out to be a sex object.  You, indeed, do not look like Tyra Banks strutting your stuff on the cat-walk, but in fact some sad girl, dressed up in a costume, for a cheap, home-made porno.

After wandering through the Halloween store with one of my friends this weekend, I realized just how difficult it was to find a costume that wouldn’t make me look like one of the strippers from Nicki Minaj’s music videos.  What me and my friend intended to be: which was a non-stripper, Cat Woman and Wonder Woman, was so incredibly hard to find that we had to change our costume ideas all together.

The cat woman costume was not only skin-tight, pleather, that was barely able to stretch across my friend’s cleavage.

I, on the other hand, was stuck in a belly shirt cut-out, and thong-type shorts that would have been absolutely embarrassing to even walk around my apartment, by myself in.

Halloween, for men, is a holiday to watch women walk around in tiny costumes, and for women, make fools of themselves; but we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t.  If you wear a more revealing costume you are “slutty” and if you try to be more modest and cover yourself you are “prude.”  Why can’t there be a happy medium?? There almost never is.

Slutty Halloween costumes exist because, as Cady from Mean Girls states, “In Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.”

So this Halloween please put the Slutty _____ (Insert caption here) back on the shelf and try to be a smidge more creative.  And if you do want to have an absolutely sexy Halloween, keep the lady parts AWAY.

Stay Sexy my little Halloween Howlers.