Colorful Candy Controversy

Colorful Candy Controversy

Bess Levin

Orange, pink, yellow, or red? The common candies, Starbursts, are causing controversy around Pentucket high school.

Which flavor is best? Students around Pentucket have varying opinions on their favorite type of Starburst. Not everyone knows what their favorite flavor is. Junior Emily Queenan says, “I don’t know! I can’t choose!”

Other students have a clear idea of what the best Starburst flavor is in their minds. Junior Jennie Nelson says, “If I was stuck on a desert island with only one flavor of Starburst to eat, I would choose orange because it tastes tropical like the island I’m stuck on.”

Others around the school can only focus on the flavors of Starbursts that they hate. “Red tastes like strawberry tofu or something. It’s gross. It’s just gross,” says Junior, Willie Beard.

Interestingly enough, some people do not even like Starbursts. When asked what flavor of Starburst he likes best, gym teacher, Mr. Hayden says, “I don’t eat Starbursts, but I do like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.”

Besides having favorite and least favorite flavors of Starbursts, some students at Pentucket wish they could create their own kind of flavor. Would this new flavor be a common flavor like blue raspberry or apple, or would it be something completely unexpected? “The flavor I would create would be white. And what would it taste like you might ask? It’s white, so it would taste like whatever the hell you want. Sort of like a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory kind of deal,” says Junior Garrett Lischke.

When thinking of Starbursts candy, the majority of people only refer to the orange, yellow, red, and pink flavors. People forget about the tropical flavored Starbursts that create a burst of new flavor. On the other hand, some people hate any flavor that is not an original. Junior, Molly Rollins says, “I feel like the tropical flavors are pushing it. It’s like they are trying too hard to be good.”

Is “Starbursts” even an appropriate name for this type of candy? Would renaming this popular snack food make it more appealing? If Rebecca Torrisi could rename this candy, she would name it, “Something juicy… Juicy Chews!”

Overall, out of a poll of 40 students, the majority of the data showed that pink was the favorite Starburst flavor. The results showed that approximately 8% of people liked yellow, 45% liked pink, 30% liked red, and 17% liked orange.

This Starburst controversy is taking the school by storm. Do students agree with pink being the favorite Starburst, or is there a little bit of tension there.