If a teacher was an Animal…

If a teacher in the school were to be an animal, what would they be?

“Mrs. Endyke, if she were an animal, would definitely be a pretty, sparkly tropical fish,” said Mrs. Merritt. What makes Mrs. Endyke one of these beautiful fish? According to Mrs. Merritt, “She is always smiling and bringing happiness to the school. Oh, and her nickname is sparkly.”

When Senior Hannah Zaneski was asked this question about Mr. Goguen, she said, “Mr. Goguen would definitely be an owl. He is so wise and calm and is always tired in the daytime. So he is probably nocturnal like an owl.” Surprisingly, Mrs. Merritt and Josh Wildes also both said that Mr. Goguen would be an owl.

When I asked Mr. Goguen what animal he thought he was, without hesitation, he said, “I’m a three toed sloth. They sleep eighteen hours a day and I wish I could sleep eighteen hours a day.”

Seeing how Hannah Zaneski described Mr. Goguen as tired, and Mr. Goguen wishes he could sleep eighteen hours a day like a “three toed sloth”, I think it is easy to conclude that Mr. Goguen needs more sleep.

On the other hand, Mr. Thornton was not described as anything that needed sleep. Josh Wildes said, “Mr. Thorton is a monkey.  He is loud and crazy and you never know what to expect from him.”

Sophomore Sam Marchant described Mr. Thornton as a lion. “A lion is a King of the jungle, and Mr. Thornton is definitely the King of our school.”

Mr. Thornton’s best friend, Mr. Repucci, thinks of himself as a boxer. “Boxers are muscular and strong. They also look intimidating but they are extremely nice and love unconditionally.” Math teacher Mrs. Chory also thinks Mr. Repucci would be a boxer for the same reasons. “Mr. Repucci is best friends with his boxers, and they look scary, but they are actually really sweet.”

If you were to name a teacher as an animal, what would they be?