Feminism: Learn the Facts

Women make up 51% of the population.  However, we are still considered a minority; in politics, sports, jobs, even in the media.

On average, women make only 77 cents to every dollar men make.

There is a one in five chance of getting sexually assaulted for every college girl.

One in three women will suffer from domestic abuse within their lifetime.

Every day women are demeaned and treated like objects rather than human beings with great capabilities and intelligence.  No one cares about the female leaders.  Who cares if Hillary Clinton is taking on politics? Nobody I know.  All the public and media care about is her sex life, marriage, body and wardrobe.

According to Jay Leno, “CNN found that Hillary Clinton is the most admired woman in America. Women admire her because she’s strong and successful. Men admire her because she allows her husband to cheat and get away with it.”

And what about Sarah Palin? She is also a widely known politician, what do they say about her?  Of course, not anything about her intelligence or strength.

“She’s got no charisma of any kind [but] I can imagine her being mildly useful to a low-rank porn director,” says Christopher Hitchens.

The thing that worries me the most is that many people fail to even see gender inequality as a real problem.  To them, the feminist world is “overreacting;” we “do not know what we are talking about,” or my favorite: we are “man-haters.”  Um, no.  As a feminist, I simply believe that I am equal to a man.  I deserve the same treatments, same pay, same expectations, and I deserve respect too.

Too many people see women as the problem; a woman who is raped or assaulted is automatically at fault.  She was violated because of what she was wearing, doing, her looks, her personality, even her race; they had to be the cause. Our culture tolerates victim-blaming and tends to show a lack of respect for women.  Our culture is built upon double standards and false impressions; men are always “players”; women are always “sluts.” Men are “power-hungry”; women are “cold-hearted” and “selfish.”

There are many misinterpretations on the feminist movement.  People believe it’s a group of man-hating lesbians who refuse to shave their legs, burn their bras and despise anyone who challenges them.  Instead of a group of daughters, mothers, and sisters who simply want to be portrayed as strong women, equal to the opposite sex.

Feminism has become a “dirty” word.  I’ve actually seen guys (and girls) cringe and seem almost uncomfortable when I tell them I am a feminist.  The media has made it an absurd idea to laugh at and ridicule?  But why?  When strong women are treated with such disrespect and are not acknowledged for their contributions, we know society is failing.

That’s why I am a feminist.  I know I am worthy to make a difference.  I am just as strong, smart as a man.  I am their equal.

Feminism will be our cure to the world-wide epidemic of inequality between men and women.  Someday, we will no longer be seen as a “minority,” but another powerful force standing beside the men.