Who’s the better driver?

Are women worse drivers than men? Or is this just a hurtful stereotype? The answer depends on who you ask and it seems to be an ongoing battle of the sexes.

I recently asked some of my fellow classmates (both males and females) and was surprised that the overall answer was that women are less skilled on the road. Whoever I asked it was generally agreed that men are probably the more superior drivers. I knew that just asking people their opinion doesn’t necessarily prove anything. Plus there are a lot of things that go into being a “bad driver.”

Studies show that men are actually more likely to take risks behind the wheel. These risks are mostly related to taking risks while driving like speeding, driving too close to cars, driving intoxicated and not wearing seat belts. From the research that I gathered it seems that women tend to be less likely to get a ticket than men.

The information that I found online seem to contradict what I found in the class room. From the survey I took in a few of my classes it seemed that the girls in the class have been pulled over more than the boys and have been in more non-serious accidents, although one of  the girls did happen to drive her car off the road into a swamp twice!

Seeing as the public opinion seemed to differ from the statistical evidence I came to the conclusion that we will never really have an answer to this age old question and that it will never really matter because we are all just people.