Score One for the Southpaw

Although a small minority, they walk on this earth like you and I. Out of this world’s population , ten percent of people are left-handed (slang term southpaws).

Although lefties are often oppressed by such items as scissors, driver’s cup holders, and the classic         L-shaped desk, there are some pretty cool things about rocking the left hand.


  1. There is an Advantage in Sports

There are many sports that can be a positive for lefties.


In the case of sports like tennis, baseball, and softball, there are more right-handed athletes than there are left-handed athletes. Therefore, people are not prepared for the moves that a lefty makes.


Julie Freitas, a left-handed pitcher for the Pentucket softball team, makes this comment: “It’s an advantage to be a pitcher because most people don’t see [if one is] a left pitcher.”


Also, there are some tactical benefits for lefty athletes. In baseball, for example, a left-handed batter is able to get a better side view of the pitch, giving him an opportunity to better appraise the pitch’s speed.


  1. Lefties Could Become the Next Monet

Based off of one study conducted in Australia, left-handed people use both hemispheres more on a regular basis; right-handed people, however, are usually left-handed dominant.


This can contribute to the fact that lefties lean towards being on the creative side. Just look at Michelangelo and Raphael. Heck even Leonardo Da Vinci: all three artists were lefties.


Even some of the artsy people here at Pentucket are left-handed. Megan Walsh, a senior taking 3-D sculpture, painting, and drawing classes, is very proud of her left-handedness. “It’s definitely an interesting aspect…I think it’s interesting that people say we are creative.”


  1. Writing Hebrew Will be a Breeze

It’s no secret that most, if not all American lefties smudge their words and hands when writing pretty much anything in English. “I have to drag my hand…so my hand is always smudged” says senior Tyler Feeny.

However, many of the Arabic languages, including Hebrew, are written from left to right and not right to left. Therefore, the risk of smudging (for lefties anyway) is eliminated.


  1. You Kinda Are Like a Fish

No I’m not making this up… if you happen to be left-handed, you will be able to see underwater better than a right-handy would.


Unfortunately, there is not any real explanation for this uncanniness. However, scientists think that since left-handed people usually use a different part of their brain than the general populace would, that would affect their underwater vision.


  1. Televised debating is the Hobby For You

In general, people consider motions made by the right hand to be “good” and left-handed gestures to be “bad.”


Since television images mirror the actual thing, it is lefties who appear to be waving with the “good” hand, while righties are left out in the cold.

So raise your head high, southpaws, because you guys can do some pretty amazing things. Just remember to always follow the wise words of fellow southpaw Regan Kelly: “If you are going to buy a pen, buy the ones that are quick drying.”