10 of the Most Prominent Types of braids:

-Classic: The classic braid is simply three strands of hair intertwined in the same pattern over and over. This braid can be worn on the side or down the back, or even in two different braids. It is most common for casual wear or school.


– Five- strand braid: The five strand braid is similar to the classic braid, but it is more intricate in the way that it uses 5 strands that are alternated in use. Some people say this braid resembles the stitch of a woven basket. The five strand braid can also be worn for casual wear or school, but it is not really common.

Five Strand

-French braid: One of the most common braids is the French braid. It is also similar to the classic braid because it is the same except for the fact that the French braid requires other hair to be brought into the braid. French braids inevitably turn into classic braids at the end of the hair. This braid can be worn in several different ways: 2 braids, 1 down the back, etc. I see these types of braids most commonly in sports because they hold the hair out of your face very well. Also, girls in school also wear French braids for casual wear in school.

french braid 2        french braid

-Dutch braid: The Dutch braid is pretty much the same as the French braid because it also brings in other hair to a classic braid. It is different from the French braid because the braid is popped out instead of popped in. Dutch braids also inevitably turn into classic braids at the end of the hair. This braid can be worn in the same ways as the French braid can be worn.

dutch braid   dutch braid 2

-Headband braid: The Headband braid is a type of French/Dutch braid that goes from one side of the head to the other. This braid is most commonly worn with a ponytail or bun, but it can also be worn with your hair down. This braid could be worn for a prom hairdo, casual wear, or sports. It really works with anything.

headband braid

-Waterfall braid: The waterfall braid is unlike any other braid. It is worn with your hair down. I have mostly seen this braid worn for dances or semi-formal events because it is a fancier type of braid.

waterfall braid

-The “Katniss” braid: The “Katniss” braid is a type of Dutch braid that goes all the way around the head into a classic braid that goes down the side. This braid is seen in the movie, The Hunger Games, worn by Jennifer Lawrence. This braid can be worn for casual purposes, but some people may be able to pull of this braid for a formal event.

katniss braid













– Fishtail: The Fishtail braid, similar to the Waterfall braid, is unlike any other braid. It consists of two pieces of hair with other pieces drawn in from either side. This braid can be worn for casual or formal wear.


-Under- Over braid: The Under-Over braid consists of two French braids, one on top of the head and one on the underside of the hair. Usually, this style of braiding is brought into either a ponytail or bun connecting the two braids on top of the head. This style can be worn for formal or casual wear because it is a pretty style, but I have seen people in school wearing it.

under over braid 2 under over braid

-Heart shaped braid: The Heart shaped braid consists of two French or Dutch braids that are pulled together at the back of the head. Both together resemble the shape of a heart. This style is more formal than casual, but can still be worn both ways.

heart shaped braid 2 heart shaped braid