Why does Christmas chaos begin so early?

Festive music, Christmas ads, and holiday savings…in October!

Halloween costumes are not even off the shelves when the flood of Christmas decorations and décor pile up in shop windows.

Is two months in advance not enough time to get into the Christmas spirit? People wish away this part of their winter around Halloween and Thanksgiving without a second thought. To most people, Christmas takes full priority.

Pentucket junior , Tori Soucy finds this whole dilemma ironic. She says, “There are always Christmas commercials around this time, but Thanksgiving is about giving thanks for what we have and all we want to do is buy stuff.” This depicts people as greedy because they almost ignore a holiday that allows us to give back to the people or things that have helped us.

Some people become annoyed and even frustrated with the constant advertisements well before Christmastime. Junior, Lindsey Karalias says, “Thanksgiving is wicked underrated. I feel like if there were Thanksgiving carols and songs that we could sing all together, then Christmas would not be so… ‘Baah.’”

Others seem to enjoy the early Christmas festivities. Senior, Tia Pittounicos describes her feelings as, “Love. I love Christmas commercials so much.” The premature deals and décor are appealing to a few people.

Why do companies put out these advertisements so early? Junior, Sam Beninati says, “With Black Friday coming up I see why they do it.” Basically what these stores are saying is that they would rather earn more money than give Halloween and Thanksgiving the proper recognition they deserve.

Should Christmas be prioritized above other holidays around this time? “Yes it is prioritized over Halloween and Thanksgiving, but it definitely should be! It’s Christmas,” says junior, Maddie Nelson.

All of these holidays are supposed to send a good message about giving and treating people kindly. The winter time is known for the act of putting others before you. Early commercials have Pentucket fired up because we might be disrespecting some other holidays. Pentucket junior, Julia Recine says, “I think it is the disrespectful because it’s not like we don’t think about the other Holidays, it’s just that there is so much with Christmas with all the ads and sales.”

Last time I checked, Christmas is in December, not October or November.