No Shave November

Between the festivities of Halloween and the much-loved 25 Days of Christmas, November serves more than just turkey day.

It is the most careless, yet hairiest month of all; No Shave November.

On November 1, 2014, all around the world, men (and women) put down their razors and shaving cream, and brought out their hair.

At Pentucket Regional High School, the opinions of the world-wide tradition vary drastically from each individual. Some are in complete support of it, others are extremely opposed, and some are indifferent and just don’t care about the hair.

Junior, Garrett Lishcke, states, “You shouldn’t participate unless you can grow a full beard. I myself can only grow a mustache and a chin piece. If you can grow it, however, I say go for it.”

Among the Pentucket student body, a lot of people agree that people shouldn’t hold off on the shaving unless they are able to grow real facial hair. Nate Hey, one of Pentucket’s juniors, says simply, “I would if I could.”

On the other hand, a proud participant of the month, Senior Ian Davis, voices his support saying, “I think it’s a pretty good time not shaving.”

Another perspective given by Pentucket’s video production teacher, Mr. Bart, was questioning the origin. Mr. Bart asks, “Is there a real point to it? I’m okay with it but if there was reasoning it would help. Are people doing it for a purpose, for example like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? If there is a reason it would enhance it.”

After researching, the reason for No Shave November is for cancer awareness and to raise money. According to the No Shave November official website, they encourage those to participate by growing their hair and using the money that is spent during the month buying grooming supplies to be donating to research foundation. The month’s purpose is also to spread awareness to others and donate.

A large portion of people who know about, or even are part of, No Shave November are not aware of the origins behind it. Most participate without knowing they are contributing to a great cause.

If you would like to participate, donate, or simply learn more, visit