Things that grind my gears

Walking in the halls in between classes is one of the many social interactions outside of the academic environment of a classroom. Let me start off by saying, it is not in any way acceptable to stop in the middle of the hallway. Mainly this is common among the freshman. I will give you slack that it is indeed your first year of high school, but I have no sympathy for the lack of common sense that some have. I mean I guess causing traffic jams in the hallway and making a lot of people late for their next class is cool. No.

Think of the hallway as a road. Do you ever see someone driving, and then randomly stop in the middle of the road to talk to someone? I don’t think so. If you are you going to stop, do it like a car, and put your blinker on and pull over to the side of the road. Although none of the freshman have taken drivers Ed yet, I think it is common sense to do that but apparently not. I’m pretty sure you don’t need to talk to Rachel about biology class in the middle of the hall. No need for this.

On another note, another thing that is irritating to many is not holding the door for someone. It doesn’t get any better than this when you have your hands full and boom the door slams in your face. Senior Shannon Fitzgerald has said quote, “If you don’t hold the door open for other people I probably hate you.”

I don’t see how difficult it is to hold the door for someone but apparently it’s like mission impossible. Is chivalry lost or are we just lazy? Only time can tell. But in my opinion I think we are just lazy, and it needs to stop.