15 Things that Make Christmas Awesome

Tis the season for cookies, carols, and gift giving. It is Christmas time! There are so many things that make Christmas awesome. Here is a list, in no particular order, of 15 things that make Christmas awesome!

  1. Tree decorating: From getting the tree, to watching it light up, and seeing the presents set up underneath it on Christmas day, all these things make the tree an exciting part of Christmas.
  2. The holiday cookies: Whether it’s making cookies or getting them from other people, cookies are a tasty part of the holiday season.
  3. Being with family: This time of year family time becomes very important. With older siblings coming home from college and relatives coming over to stay, this makes family time so much fun!
  4. The Christmas cheer: From the songs, to the snow on the ground, and bells ringing on the street, all create the feeling of excitement and joy that comes with Christmas.
  5. Movies: Christmas movies help people to get prepared for the holiday season.
  6. The stories: There are so many Christmas stories that can be read leading up to Christmas Eve that remind people of their childhoods. They also help kids get ready for the holiday.
  7. The traditions: Every family has their traditions leading up to and on Christmas.
  8. The stockings: All the goofy bits and bobs that come in a giant sock are sometimes the most exciting gifts on Christmas day.
  9. The gifts: Seeing the stacks of gifts under the tree may not be what Christmas is about, but they certainly are cause for excitement.
  10. Boxing Day (or the day after Christmas): The post presents, food, and excitement day. It is a good day to relax and hang out with family and keep the Christmas spirit alive.
  11. The food: Christmas food, in my opinion, is so much better than Thanksgiving food. It is the best version of comfort food. Along with Christmas dinner, the sweet treats are delicious.
  12. The festivities: Decorating and listening to music.
  13. Christmas morning: The excitement of knowing that Santa has come, and there is a day full of excitement ahead.
  14. Christmas lists: Making a list of all the things that you want for Christmas, knowing that some of them will end up under your tree.
  15. The entire Christmas season: Getting ready for Christmas, the anticipation, and the preparations for Christmas day make the holiday season an overall joyful time of year!