Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Never Get Tailbone Surgery

Tailbone surgery is a hassle, so why would you want to put yourself through this stress?

Reason # 1: This one is very simple. You can’t sit anywhere for approximately a month or more. Basically, this means that every day is leg day.

Reason # 2: This states that you have to wear loose fitting pants for an extended period of time. Not many people can rock the sweatpants look five days a week, but I challenge you to try. I also wish you luck trying to find new sweatpants so you aren’t wearing the same pair of pants every day.

Reason # 3: This says you get multiple prescription bottles of medicine that you don’t know how to pronounce.

Reason # 4: You have to carry a personalized butt cushion around with you wherever you go. If you thought school was bad alone, good luck trying to explain yourself with this new issue. (Another tip: Don’t go on field trips because you have to carry this cushion around with you all day.)

Reason # 5: You can’t exercise for at least six weeks. We all know what that means. I advise you to get the surgery during the holiday season. At least then you will be gaining weight anyways.

Reason # 6: You miss a lot of school work. It is hard to make it all up especially when you aren’t feeling great.

Reason # 7: No one will understand what you’re feeling like because last time I checked no one except a few people ever get tailbone surgery. Good luck getting weird sympathy from people who will never have the same problem.

Reason # 8: You will get many jokes about your injury and often people will be confused on why you had surgery on your butt anyways. Just ignore them. That’s the only advice I have for this.

Reason # 9: You will forget what sitting in a normal chair feels like. The only thing you know now is how to sit gently on your cushion. What even is comfort anymore?

Reason # 10: The best and final reason why tailbone surgery stinks sums of everything. Simply, it is a pain in the ***.