Lights: White or Colored?

It is that time of year again: Christmas time; time to decorate the trees and get into the holiday cheer. However, this time of year also brings controversy over the color of the lights. Colored lights or white lights?

Newburyport High’s, Emily Noonan, says she likes, “white lights on the house because it’s classy but colored lights on the tree because it’s cozier.” Noonan goes on to say that she “love, love, loves gold lights on the tree!”

Other students are adamant that the tree should be decorated in white lights. Junior, Kelly Murray says, “If the ornaments are colorful, why would the lights be colored? They should be white.” Murray even got into a fight with her family over Christmas lights. In the end, Murray won the fight, so white lights it is in the Murray household.

Most students however, do not care as much. Junior, Jennie Nelson says that “Colorful lights are playful whereas white lights remind me of snow and are eloquent.” Nelson is not bothered by her family’s choice in lights.

By asking around, it is clear that most students prefer white lights over colorful lights. But some students believe that the colorful lights reflect the Christmas spirit better than the white. Junior, Maddie Binding put it simply that, “Color=happiness.”

However, Noonan concedes that an entirely white Christmas tree is not the way to go. She says, “One year we did an all-white Christmas tree (ornaments and all) and it looked like a wedding tree so don’t do that.”

Personally, I enjoy the colorful lights on the tree. However, the extremely neon colored lights that are not in Christmas colors are hideous. But I enjoy the cozy colorful lights on the tree and on the house. Christmas is a time for colors and joy, so why not have as many colors as possible that look good against the snow?

But as Christmas grows closer so will the controversy. What will it be, colored or white lights on the tree and the house?