Let’s Go Visit the Big Apple

“The only disadvantage to having Mac’s in our classroom would be them getting stolen,” said teacher Mr. Goguen.

Part of the science department, Mr. Goguen teaches chemistry, AP chemistry, and forensics. In each class, he has his students doing about a lab every two weeks, which leaves Mr. Goguen with three labs in two weeks. Most labs take two to three days, some a week.

But there is a problem. The computers and equipment Mr. Goguen has is not 100% worthy of working every time there is a lab. For example, one group in Mr. Goguens AP chemistry class could not even get through the first part of their lab, and they had a double block that day. The reason for not being able to finish? Simply because they tried the experiment four times before they found out that their computer was not functioning.

Another group had a windows update occur during their project and they lost their data. Did you know that Mac’s only update when it is requested?

In the science department specifically, Mac’s have far more performance than the PC’s in the rest of the school. It seems as though when the computers are being fixed, they cannot be used for experiments which takes time away from the class.

The disadvantages to having PC’s and the advantages to having Mac’s are extreme. The PC’s we have now take about five to ten minutes to warm up every day in order to use them. When teachers talk for ten minutes at the beginning of the period, and the laptops take ten minutes to warm up, that leaves the student with 30 minutes to conduct the experiment and clean up in order to get to their next class on time.

Batteries in PC’s also last no more than two hours. If someone before them forgot to plug in the laptop after using it for an hour that leaves the next class with only an hour until the laptop dies. According to Apple, Mac’s have a battery that lasts nine hours. The laptop could be running for an entire school day and still have two hours left after school.

A majority of schools in the country have Mac’s in their schools to keep the students updated and as technologically advanced as possible. If it could make our school a better learning place, and it makes students be able to learn better, why not switch from Pc’s to Mac’s?