Community Colleges in Massachusetts

Community College gets a bad rap. Whenever it is brought up, most often people jump to the
conclusion that “Oh…it’s just community college.” When a state school or private school is
brought up, however, everyone just goes “Yeah, that is college.” But really, being honest with
ourselves, what are the differences between a Community College, and other places of higher
Community Colleges are geared towards helping local residents to achieve a higher level of
education in order to better themselves and their lifestyle. These smaller colleges often offer
non-accredited courses to teach skills and help cultivate talents expressly for the purpose of
bettering one’s life. As to their accredited courses, one really can not say that their General
Education courses are inferior to those at big colleges in any way. Oftentimes, the opposite is
true as these Community colleges often have smaller class sizes than larger schools, which
means each student is able to work more with their professors in order to better grasp course
Financially, big colleges can not hold a candle to community colleges so far as how affordable
earning one’s education is. Many bigger schools often cost upwards of $20,000, whereas
community colleges can often be less than a quarter of the price for an almost identical
After completing an associates degree, one can easily go on to work on a bachelors or higher at
a state school, or elsewhere which means that one could then pursue any career path. Upon
review, community college has at least as high quality education for general education, is a