How much Homework is too much?

After five hours of school, students go home just to do hours of homework. This causes frequent arguments between students and teachers over the homework load.

Students pile through high school doors everyday sleepless because they are up all night trying to complete their homework while still juggling sports, work, and family time. When asked if her homework is checked by her teachers every day, senior Tia Pittounicos says, “The only teacher that checks homework every day is my math teacher… and the others just ask if I completed it.”

Why spend hours doing homework when the teacher doesn’t even take the time to check if you’ve done it, or go over it? Some students are so fed up with the amount of homework they are given that they claim they doubt their teachers could keep up with the homework they give.

“I work most weekdays after school, so it’s not always that easy to find an hour or two to do homework,” says junior Luke Kirmelewicz, when asked if thinks his teacher could complete the assignments that they give.

Teachers, of course, promise they would never give such an abundant amount of work to their students that they couldn’t do it themselves. “I try very hard to make sure that the amount of homework I give is doable because I feel that students would not try to do any of it if I assign too much,” says, Pentucket English teacher, Mrs. Ducolon.

A recent study shows that the average high school student spends two to three and half hours doing homework every night, which is about 15 hours per week. Pentucket junior Boo, Torrisi, fits right in with this study; she says, “I take one AP, and the rest of my core classes are honors. I spend a lot of time on homework because I have lots of reading to do, so it takes about three hours a night. I try to get as much as I can done in school.”

Students get frustrated with all of the homework because they feel that teachers give them useless assignments, just because they feel like they need to. “Math is the only subject in which homework helps me understand what I’m learning in class,” says, Pentucket senior, Abby Lane. “The rest of it is pointless.”

Pentucket sophomore chemistry teacher Mrs. Lentz believes that “homework is a tool to practice what you’re learning, and it’s important that students complete it.” This goes to show that teachers don’t give homework as busy work, although students disagree.

Students are convinced that most homework is unnecessary busy work that does not do much to help them, where as teachers believe that homework is purely given to help students better their education. When will the war over homework end?