The World of Furry Companions and Whiskered Buddies is Upon Us, Will You Join??

Have you ever thought what it would be like to have an animal companion that follows you around and speaks your language?


As long as this animal lives on this planet, the possibilities are endless.  From little furry creatures that can sneak around and steal food for you, to bigger animals you can ride; these fantasies entice one to think the unimaginable.


Imagine a snow leopard (my personal favorite) laying at your feet during class as you nonchalantly do your work. What would it be like to go to school with your animal friend?


The real question is, “What animal will you choose to be your best friend?” After polling many students at Pentucket, we have received many different answers. The top four are as follows, respectively: elephants, tigers, dogs, and pandas.


Pandas. Where do I even start? You could ride them around and they are fuzzy and epic.


Tigers, who could argue with that? According to the people polled, they are sleek and beautifully dangerous while simultaneously being cute and cuddly.


Many also chose the dog because who wouldn’t want to be able to have heartfelt conversations with man’s best friend?


That’s leaves us with a majority of the students choosing elephants. The advantages of having an elephant as your BFF is they are an excellent form of transit and they can use their trunks to assist you in your day to day activities.


Junior Angela Patriakeas said: “Elephants make awesome companions because they can wave, and have good personalities.” With traits like that who could argue with her?


Now on to some of the more unique choices that people wrote down.


The next one is for all of you patriots out there. This anonymous soul chose the bald eagle “‘Cause ‘Merica.” With this answer, one can be reassured that the American dream shall live on through all of us.


Next choice is a bit of a stretch but this senior takes the prize for the most interesting choice. Patrick McDonough, senior, chose a trusty fire ant as his companion. With this little friend, I think this team would be one to fear, wouldn’t you agree?


This anonymous person’s choice is a bit of a personal favorite of mine, for both the quote and the animal they chose. They had this to say: “Lynx. It’s tough, but not too tough.”This choice is one for the books. The lynx has a majestic look to it that screams wise and tough. Good choice, my friend.


Senior Josh Scher decided to choose a sea turtle for a his companion and his quote is very touching: “I would choose a sea turtle, because they live so long. I’ll always have a buddy.” This quote is truly inspiring, wouldn’t you agree?


The last one will leave you wondering: who is this person? Where did this idea come from? Who is this lone bandit? Well he/she had this to say on the subject, “Humans- they do the most damage.” This answer left all of us speechless, but it is a valid point. Where would we all be without our friends?


With that being said, I would like to thank everyone on participating in this poll! It was fun to read all your answers and I hope you enjoyed it as well.