Malonson v. Pentucket High School 2015‏

Suspended for…what? A Pentucket High School student has recently found himself in trouble for a reason that is definitely unique.


For Noah Malonson, senior at Pentucket, it was an ordinary day. With spring right around the corner, him and several other warm-weather enthusiasts found themselves outside during lunch, enjoying their meals and the day with a friendly game of frisbee.


One thing led to another and soon after only a few, short tosses, the circular fun device found itself in the school’s pond, though only a few short feet away from the shore.


Noah, not so willing to let the fun times end so quickly, volunteered and took it upon himself to attempt to rescue the frisbee. Quickly removing his trousers, though retaining his undergarments, Noah waded into the pond’s murky depths.


After a few disgusting moments of wallowing in the school’s iconically repulsive eyesore, Noah emerged to the sound of his friends’ cheering, frisbee in hand, victorious.


But, this moment of glorious retribution came at a cost; the school cracked down on Noah, leaving some considering it a punishment unfitting of the crime.


Noah was subjected to spending two days in ISS, or In School Suspension. What this means is that he was required to sit the entire duration of a school day alone, doing assignments while getting no credit for work he missed in class.


Noah is an impressive student: he maintains an extremely elated GPA, taking several Advanced Placement courses; plays the saxophone, being a member of the school’s prestigious Jazz Combo; and overall is a standup individual who has taken advantage of his time in high school and really made the most of it.


Now while few are arguing that there should have been no consequences, the vast majority feel as if the punishment was blown completely out of proportion.


Pentucket sophomore Sami Jones was eager to share her view on the controversy: “It’s stupid. How can they give such a harsh punishment to someone who has never been in trouble before? He was just getting the frisbee back.” Jones also went on to comment that, “his boxers were longer than most girls’ shorts anyways.”


Something to note is that several girls’ sports teams, specifically the soccer team, has a ‘risky buisness’ dress up day, where players wear men’s boxers and long dress shirts. This is not only considered completely acceptable, but is regarded as a part of the team’s tradition and is done every year.


Senior Jack Richard felt a similar way, stating: “Noah is a great guy, the punishment definitely didn’t fit the crime, if you can even call it that. All he did was get a frisbee.”


On the brighter side, the incident has elevated Noah to somewhat of a celebrity status, being recognized as ‘the guy who took off his pants at school and went into the pond to get a frisbee.”


With the common consensus being that not enough interesting events occur at the school, the act will be remembered for years to come. Despite the punishment being arguably too harsh, it will go down in school history as one of the most ridiculous reasons for being suspended.