Coffee with a Cop

In recent times, the tension between cops and civilians is at an all-time high. With Ferguson still playing on the newsreels, how are we supposed to break this conflict? It’s simple: Coffee with a Cop.

Coffee with a Cop, which is held at local coffee shops, was made to supply a comfortable and inviting area for people to discuss whatever they wanted with law enforcement. This allows for people to talk to cops and not feel persecuted.

The website states, “Coffee with a cop works because it’s simple. Coffee with a cop creates an atmosphere that facilitates communication by breaking down the traditional barriers that so often exist between police officers and the citizens that they serve.” (

As you probably heard on the news, one of the main issues the law enforcement is a lack of communication. The majority of the time, law enforcement deals with emotional situations during an emergency.  The site states: “Let’s face it: those situations are not always the best time for a nice ‘sit- down chat’ about community issues.” This program will ease the communication between the law officers and the people they serve.

Coffee with a Cop provides a relaxed atmosphere, with no speeches, no agenda, and no preset subjects.  It will allow people to have a sit down with a cop one-on-one, talking to them about concerns and questions they have.

These conversations are both important to the citizen and the officers. This will allows everyone to be on the same page. It will also show the community that cops are people too, to talk in a friendly manner and ask questions. This program will be able to bring the law enforcement back into the community and to let them “unlearn some of the stuff they were taught to do.”

So what are you waiting for? Go have a cup of coffee with a cop, or set one up in your area if they don’t have one yet at