You’re Stranded on an Island…

If you were stranded on an island with one person, for the rest of your life, who would it be and why?

Running around the school, we asked all of the following people that question. Here are their responses:

Hailey Vlass, junior: “You [Sam Beninati] because you’re the only person who would keep me entertained…Oh wait! Maybe a guy.”

Mr. Goguen, Chemistry teacher: “Oh you Sammy [Beninati]! Then I could teach you chemistry all day long.”

Lucien Grey, senior: “Dylan because he’s my best friend, and he’s lived with me before- so I can deal with him.”

Lindsey Karalias, junior: “My friend that I met on a cruise. Her name is Sarah, and she is my spirt animal.”

Mike Sullivan, senior: “Bear Gills because he can save my life.”

Ben Quinn, junior: “Mrs. Bent. Just kidding. Jesus because he can get me off or give me anything… we can prosper together.”

Sam McGrail, senior: “My dad because he’s like calm and stuff.”

Shannon Wesley, senior: “My dad because he’s very knowledgeable.”

Maria Desisto, junior: “My mom because she is super cool.”

Tori Coberly, senior: “My mom because I love her.”

Mrs. Costello, librarian: “I should be saying my son but he’s not very handy. I guess my son.”

Mr. Bixby, art teacher: “My wife because I love her and I enjoy spending time with her…and my cat.”

Mr. Hayden, gym teacher: “Hallie Berry but I have to say my wife because we are deeply in love.”

Mr. Lovett, science teacher: “My wife because she’s my best friend.”

Mr. Langlois, physics teacher: “My wife because I love her.”

Mrs. Cavalaro, Spanish teacher: “Mrs. Villani because we talk all the time.”

Austin Bernard, junior: “Gabriel Inglacious because he’s funny as s***.”

Jackie Kutcher, junior: “Hunter Hayes because I’m going to marry him.”

Sam Mlynarski, sophomore: “Megan Fox. She’s hot.”

Brooke Chambers, junior: “Zach Effron because he’s cool and good looking.”

Jillian Hegardy, junior: “Sam Hunt because I love him.”

Jen Hauss, junior: “Enrique because we would beautifully repopulate the island.”

Hannah Cousins, junior: “Benedict Cumberbatch. He’s beautiful.”

Ethan Hotain, junior: “Your mom.”

Ryan Gavin, junior: “Brandon because he’s my best friend.”

Brandon Barlow, junior: “Ryan because he’s my best friend.”

Tucker Dumas, junior: “Probably nobody…Tori Coberly.”

Molly Blaine, junior: “Kyle [Lingerman] because he’s entertaining.”

Naylee Gomez, sophomore: “Morgan Freeman because he has the manliest voice in the world.”

Noah Malhi, junior: “Morgan Freeman because he’s Morgan Freeman.”

Mr. Honer, history teacher: “Nobody because I don’t like other people and I couldn’t live with them forever.”