Senior Superlatives


Senior year, the last year of high school and the beginning of a whole new life.  Senior year goes by so quickly and is probably the most fun year of high school. Senior year has prom, senior sign out/in, the trip to Six Flags, senior pranks, and graduation; this final year will be filled with fun times that we will never forget. One of the special additions to being a senior is being apart of the senior superlatives. These senior superlatives allow people to give one another a title on how they have stood out throughout their high school years. No one forgets their senior year of high school. This may sound like a great and fun way to celebrate the end of the year, but it does draw a lot of negative attention towards it. To find out how people felt about these superlatives, three people who have different connections to the school told me about their thoughts on the superlatives.  I got very different responses from each person. “I don’t like them at all” Mrs.  Anderson told me. “It’s all a popularity contest and too many people get hurt.” She also told me that the superlatives can make people embarrassed, or they can make others feel like they are better than everyone else. “They should ask each winner for their permission to announce what they were nominated as before announcing it,” Mrs. Anderson angrily stated. “It would be better if Senior Superlatives were just taken away for good; there would be less drama and complaining from people who received an award that they didn’t want.” Asking students in the school about superlatives got me a few different responses. “I like the idea but it can be offensive, but I think they should stay because they are fun,” Keshani Hughes said. Keshani mentioned that people do get offended by some superlatives they receive, and people also will get offended if they don’t receive a superlative. Keshani explained to me that “At the same time they are fun to see a variety of your class and how others look at them.” Keshani, being a student, looks at them to be more of a fun thing to do with your class as seniors.  She also believes that each and every student should receive a superlative, instead of the same people getting more than one. “It would just make things more fair,” she told me. After hearing Keshani’s response, I decided that someone who wasn’t as involved in the school might have a different response towards the topic. Amber Richard told me that “they are okay, and they are just something fun to do.”  She didn’t have much to say about the superlatives and didn’t think that they were much of a problem. She did, however, confess to me that there are some that she does not approve of. “I think the forever young and forever old superlatives should be taken out, along with tree hugger, that’s so weird and dumb,” she told me. If they were to be improved, they should add more so that everyone gets one. On the other hand, there were some that she did like.She especially liked the nice eyes and the ones that gave people a compliment instead of a title. One thing that did stand out to me during the interview with Amber was that she disagreed with the best couple award. This award made her frustrated because it was set up as a guy and a girl. “Because of the different interests of the school they should have it be anyone (guy and guy, girl and girl, or girl and guy).” She doesn’t think that everyone should assume that the perfect couple is a girl and a guy. Senior superlatives is a great way to end the journey from being freshman to seniors and it’s interesting to see how people grow. Senior Superlatives are a fun way to get involved with your class, but some people think they cause too many disappointments and too many people become embarrassed with whatever award they receive.  This is a very controversial topic, but it doesn’t appear they are going to be taken away any time soon.