Keep at it!

The seniors are gone, and school is almost coming to an end.  Have you met the goals you made for yourself at the beginning of the school year? Have you lost friends you never thought you would, and made new ones?

The end of the school year is always the hardest, and staying motivated is even harder.  Your grades seem to matter less and less and your summer plans begin to matter more and more. The school becomes a sauna and the days seem to drag on forever, the beautiful weather outside taunting you all day.

So here are some tips to make it through the rest of the school year:

  1. Remember to do your homework, even though hanging out with friends seems more exciting, because that’s an easy way to keep your grades up.
  2. Keep in mind that there’s only a couple weeks left at school, and then you’ll be free to do what you want for the summer.
  3. Remember that grades matter if you want to go to college, so even though you won’t feel like it, study hard and do well on your test.
  4. Do your work early; the weather will most likely be just as nice in an hour. Do what you have to do before you go out.
  5. Remember that high school doesn’t last, and that in a few years, you’ll be the one graduating. Do your work now so that you don’t have to later.

With all of that being said, work hard, do your best, and make positive decisions for your future!