Run Away Now

Run away now before daddy and his “friend” come home drunk,

Close the door behind you and lock yourself in your bedroom were you think you’re safe,

Close your eyes now and try and dream of a better place,

Open your eyes now you can hear daddy’s “friend” coming in,

Put your hands together and start praying that this will be the very end,

Don’t let him see that you’re afraid now don’t let him win,

Try and scream now maybe daddy will run in,

And finally realize he’s not a “friend”,

It’s almost over now you can keep your composure in a little longer,

Watch him walk away now,

Keep your tears in let him know you’re stronger,

The door is slowly closing now,

And this is where the cutting begins,

It’s moments like these where you wish you had your best friend,

You’re angry now because no one was there to save you,

And God didn’t answer your prayers,

And the pain you feel is to much,

And you don’t know how much longer you’re going to last,

So you continue to cut yourself with the piece of glass he held across your throat telling you he would slit it if you screamed,

You think you deserve the pain,

And you don’t even know if God knows your name,

And if he does why isn’t he ending this sick game,

As the the tears continue to roll down your face,

You start staring off to space trying to remember a better place,

But this will always be your home,

And the memories will continue to haunt you for the rest of your life,

But you know one day you’ll be alright,

And your cuts will turn in to scars,

And your scars will soon become who you are,

A survivor.