Dunkin Donuts vs. Starbucks

Though it is a very controversial and touchy subject for many, I decided to just rip the Band-Aid right off and ask the dreaded question: Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks?

Out of the 30 passionate individuals I interviewed, 46.66% would die for Starbucks, while 50% only had eyes for Dunks. (I should mention that 3.33% said neither, but that percent doesn’t matter because if you don’t care about this very important issue, you are clearly doing something wrong with your life.)

Here are the conclusions I came to based solely upon my interviews:

Those who prefer fancier coffee go to Starbucks, where those who prefer a casual, quick cup of coffee go to Dunks:

“Dunkin Donuts is cheaper, easier to understand, and more casual.” -Marisa Labadini, sophomore

“Starbucks is the place where you can stay and hang out. Dunks you just wanna get in there and get out… I feel classy going in [Starbucks].” -Rachel Thibeau, junior

Starbucks is expensive, while Dunks is cheap:

“[Starbucks is] way too freaking expensive.” -Hailey Vlass, junior

“Dunkins is cheaper, and I’m just looking for caffeine.” -Molly Rollins, junior

“I always go to Dunkins because it’s cheaper, and there is more basic stuff.” -Mrs. Kelly, gym teacher

The taste varies from individual to individual:

“Dunkin Donuts has way better coffee.” -Maria Desisto

“Starbucks all the way. It tastes better and everyone there seems perky.” -Emma Silverthorne, junior

“Dunks tastes like New England. It’s not-your-basic-white-girl-coffee, and it’s cheaper; however Frappuccinos from Starbucks are definitely superior to Coolattas.” -Maddie O’Brien, junior.

Maddie’s “not-your-basic-white-girl-coffee” comment leads us into our next conclusion…

Starbucks has a white-girl stereotype to it, while Dunkins doesn’t have a stereotype:

“Dunkin Donuts…there is no stereotype to go along with it.” -Hailey Vlass, junior

“Starbucks because…I’m a white girl and I’m proud.” -Sam Beninati, junior

Starbucks has a more quality variety, appealing to individuals who dislike coffee:

“I like Starbucks because I like to drink tea and Dunkin Donuts doesn’t know the first thing about tea.” -Hannah Cousins, junior

“At Starbucks there is a variety, and they have stuff such as Frappuccinos for those non-coffee drinkers like myself.” -Shannon Wesley, junior

“Starbucks has more/better options for coffee and drinks, and I think their drinks are better quality. Also, Dunkin Donuts also has a lot of really unhealthy food that isn’t even good.” -Sabrina Romano, eighth grader

Dunks is more accessible:

“I prefer Dunkin Donuts because it’s closer.” -Brielle Ruscitti, freshman

“Dunkin Donuts is easier to get to.” -Kelly Murray, junior