This Year’s Foreign Exchange Students

The first day of school is a day of new things. New teachers, new schedules, new books, and new students. Every year Pentucket High School is a home to foreign students, coming to spend the year in a host family’s home and attend the school, experiencing a different culture and lifestyle than what they know. Each year Pentucket students get to know these individuals. Strong bonds grow and connections between countries are kept through the years.

Ana Hualde is from Madrid, Spain. She is one of the two foreign students at Pentucket right now. Ana is a Junior staying with the Smith family in West Newbury. The Smith family has hosted foreign exchange students in the past. Last year the Smith family hosted Bella Bernardes from Brazil. This year they are delighted to be hosting Ana. Ana is on the cheerleading team and is enjoying the people and the sport. Ana is interested in playing lacrosse in the spring. She is excited for snow and finds the people of the area and at the school friendly and welcoming. “The people here are much nicer than in Spain,” says Ana.

Raquel Oya is also from Madrid, Spain. She is fifteen years old and is staying with the Beauparlant family in West Newbury. The Beauparlant family has also hosted foreign exchange students in the past. Last year they hosted Beatriz San Basilio, better known as Bea, from Spain. Raquel has joined the cheerleading team with Ana and although she does not think she is very good at it she has fun with Ana and her new friends. “The people are very friendly, and I think that they are very welcoming with people of other countries,” says Raquel.

Raquel and Ana will be attending school at Pentucket throughout the academic year. So far they both like the school and the people and hope to have a good year at Pentucket.