Air Conditioning at Pentucket


J. Shepard

Teacher Mrs. Endyke enjoying one of the few A/Cs at Pentucket

Nobody loves being sweaty and miserable, right? 

No, not many people do and if you do then you probably won’t like this article.

Pentucket Regional High School can get up to 90 degrees in some classrooms all because of the lack of air conditioning. There are some classrooms with A/C in them but not many. It has been very hot in the school the past month or so that we have been here.

If you’re wondering why Pentucket doesn’t have air conditioning it’s not all because lack of funds.

In 2003 there was a busted pipe in the English and History wing which caused it to flood. The whole wing was redone but the worst part is air conditioning in all of those classrooms would only cost about $2,000, however the school said that they wouldn’t pay for that. The history department even offered to cover the cost using their own budget.

So now everyone has to sit feeling disgusting and sweaty in all of those classrooms. Even worse than that, the teachers have a stricter dress code than the students do. That doesn’t seem very fair.

Speaking of dress codes, if the teachers are worried about the students not dressing appropriately, if the school was cooler then the students would wear more clothes to keep them warm. So it covers all bases of making everyone happy, but no that still doesn’t happen.

An anonymous was asked why they think the school doesn’t have air conditioning and they simply said “because it’s Pentucket.”

That doesn’t seem like a good reputation to have and it should be changed.

Other students stated how gross and sweaty they felt whenever it was that humid and hot in the school. It would make a lot of people happier if there was air conditioning in the school instead of it being humid and muggy.