Is It Best to be Under President West?

President West.


Not going to lie, that title sounds great.


The question remains, however, what will happen when or if, Kanye West, one of the most famous rappers and entertainers in the world, runs for office in 2020.

Kanye is a superstar and has been one of the most famous people on Earth for a long time.  The rapper has released 9 studio albums and is #20 on the Forbes Magazine list of wealthiest people in the world.  


Everything he does is pretty much broadcasted to everyone; there’s even a Twitter account called “Kanye Doing Things” where pictures are posted of him doing everyday things like going grocery shopping, or talking on his cell phone..

“Why is that interesting?” some may ask, but the answer is simply that “Kanye is Kanye,” and people can’t get enough.


So why would a man who’s already rich, famous, and doing well for himself, announce that he is running for office?


Who knows.


Some people seem to love the idea.

Others, are not so sure.


“No, because he’s just ignorant,” said senior Sam Castle when asked if he would vote for Kanye in 2020.  


Ignorant has been the word to described Kanye ever since he took the microphone away from Taylor Swift in 2009 at the MTV Music Video Awards.


Senior Kyle Sedler also added his input saying, “No, I wouldn’t [vote for Kanye] because he has no experience [politically], and he wouldn’t take the job seriously.”


Senior Sarah Stewart also added, “No, because he just doesn’t know anything.”


To continue the theme, “No, because he has zero experience, and I don’t think he would have any idea what he’s doing,” agreed junior Dylan Engelke.


Others had more to say, such as senior Rachel Thibeau.  


Thibeau says, “No I would not vote for him because he’s a joke.  He’s not a political figure, and he won’t have America’s best interests in mind.  He’s not mentally cognitive enough to handle it.”  


Thibeau goes on to add that his VMA speech made no sense either.         


Whether or not people think Kanye will be a good candidate for President, he is likely to still get votes.  The media will be all over his campaign, covering him non-stop until the election is over.   


Junior Stevie Johannson had a different outlook on the situation saying he would vote for Kanye West in the 2020 election.  “He’s got confidence,” said Stevie, “and I think he could possibly make a good leader.”  


Senior Ethan Bridgewater, on the other hand, just wants Kanye to win so that he can get “a free pair of Yeezes,” which are Kanye’s trademark shoes.  


All in all, people like Kanye, big stars in the world, think they have what it takes to be the President.  People have come to believe that if one has money and fame, he or she can be the leader of this country.


A perfect example from this year’s election…


Donald Trump.


But what about the legit politicians throughout the nation?  What about those who have always had politics as a career choice?


Well, these people are upset with the situation.  


Regardless, this country is seeing a new trend in politics where everyone thinks they can be President.  Look at the country now though, we need someone who’s serious and knows what they’re doing to help us rise to the top again.    


Kanye might be an icon for entertainment in this country, but there is a fine line between entertaining the country and running it.