So my friends and I are like not really friends anymore, how do I fix it?

Dear TC,


So my friends and I are like not really friends anymore, how do I fix it?





Dear Hannah,


How about…make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other’s gold?


Not really of course. High school isn’t elementary school, and your social life isn’t Girl Scouts. Granted, we can all think back to elementary school and the friends we used to have, the same “friends” we can’t even make eye contact with in the hallways anymore.


Like most of elementary school, we grow out of things we get too old for. People change and  experience different events that make the 11 year-old girl who wore pigtails and collected Littlest Pet Shop into the 17 year-old woman who wears all black and has lost count of her piercings. There is nothing wrong with this. The more people age, the more they find out who they really are.


So what if you guys can’t bond over your love of Hannah Montana together anymore (Or maybe you can, who knows?)? You can still get to know the people you are now, and at the end of it all, you might like her better. It’s likely you are doing some serious changing yourself, so if you’re patient with your friends, they will be patient with you.


On the opposite side, friendships don’t always last forever. Along the ride that is high school you might encounter friends that are two-faced, that you can’t trust or that you don’t click with. That’s okay, high school doesn’t last forever either.


Nothing is worse than losing someone you care about, or finding out someone isn’t who you thought they were.  


But you’ve learned your lesson, and you’re better off without them. They probably never appreciated your dad jokes or your love of How I Met Your Mother anyway.

I hope everything works out with your friends.