Social Media Popularity

Today’s advanced technology offers a vast amount of apps available for all different types of devices including phones, tablets, and laptops. A bunch of these apps are social media sites that people, mostly teenagers, use to share photos, communicate with each other, and update their status’.


According to, Facebook is the most popular and most visited site. Over 900,000 people visit Facebook every day, but many teenagers, including multiple students at Pentucket, call it a “boring site only old people use.”


Although,  one sophomore at Pentucket says,” I like Facebook. I can see all of the pictures I’m tagged in, and I can share pictures I take and tag my friends in them, too.”


Twitter, being the second most popular site, is a media site all age groups, from about twelve years  and older, use  along with a vast majority of Pentucket students and staff. “I can tweet funny things, videos, share my views and feelings, and even post pictures,” says Pentucket sophomore Meaghan O’Neil.


Tumblr, another popular media platform, is used by a vast amount of teens as well. “I prefer Tumblr because I’ve made a lot of friends, I can post in any format I want, and I like how easy it is to see others posts,” says Claudia Chidsey, a sophomore at Pentucket.


Another student at Pentucket says that they prefer the social media site Instagram. On Instagram, people can post pictures, like and comment on others’ pictures, and share pictures with their followers in private messages. “I like seeing cool pictures and following all my friends’ pages to see what they’re up to,” says Hayley Palermo, a sophomore at Pentucket.


An additional student added, “I like that everything is very visual and I enjoy looking at all the artsy, funny, and top-notch photos people from all around the world post.


Many other students express their love for these sites and with a lot of interviewing it is concluded that Instagram and Twitter are the school’s favorite social media sites. Other popular sites include Tumblr, Vine, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

Social  media is a way for people to communicate, update statuses, and post pictures of their dinner, where they went shopping, where they went on vacation, and their duck face selfies that HAVE to get a ton of likes.


“I have about 400 followers and get over 100 likes, but if it gets less than ninety it gets deleted soooo quickly,” Meaghan O’Neil says with a laugh.


“On Tumblr, if one of my posts gets too few notes, I’ll probably just reblog it again instead of deleting it,” says a sophomore student at Pentucket. Getting likes is something that people thinks determines popularity, but sharing pictures is suppose to be fun, and it is not suppose to be a competition.


Therefore,  social media has become the backbone of today’s generation. However, despite the  many side affects to the social media world,  it is also a great way to make new friends and share pictures  and funny thoughts with your followers.