Character’s P.O.V. Practice

Character: Stripper

Head up Eyes bright. Don’t forget to smile.

Don’t think. Don’t let yourself notice their eyes on you. The way they follow your every move. Every curve, every bend. Don’t think. Keep the tears in, don’t let them escape. Take your mind away. Take your mind away from all this darkness and lust; away to a place that’s somewhere good. Take your mind back. Take it back to before he was taken. Before the lights turned off. Before the cold. Before the accident. Go back to when you could still feel his arms around you. When he kept you safe and warm. Before his loving hands were replaced by their disgusting claws. Before you were thrown into this topsy-turvy messed up world, trying to keep yourself alive. Don’t cry. Don’t show the pain. Don’t think.

Head up. Eyes bright. Don’t forget to smile.