Class Trip

A secret corner, hidden from the world of West Newbury. Where the trees are so hot they bend down to become friends with the water. It’s a path that only few know. A long walk over hot black tar. The sun beats the travelers back, but determined, they press on. Over green grassy fields that once were new and exciting, but have now been abandoned. The grass, desperate for company reach for the sky, hoping to find friends among the clouds. The flowers, once beautiful and rare, now half dead and trampled on.

Many complain the trip is too long and heated, but once you get to this corner, it all becomes worth it.

At first you get just a peek of the cool, blue, water behind an army dressed in leaves. But when you step closer, over rocks that guard the treasure, you find a perfect mirror of the sky. The water is alive, and loves visitors. It will sing to you, lapping at your feet. Keeping you cool as a thank you gift for visiting it. It stretches on for miles, a mirage of beauty hidden in this town.

The trees are all relaxed. Bending against the sun’s will, they play with the water. Two elements made friends. There’s a salty smell to the air. Like the beach, only quieter. More magical. For anyone can find an ocean, but not everyone gets to find a haven.

Not wanting to be left out, the sun comes down and swims around the water. Creating magic along the waves. The water tries to get the sand to play too, but the sand fights back, happy to stay perfectly still. The conflict creates dust that the water swallows away.

It’s a spot you want to share with the ones you love. Because that’s what these spots are for.

It’s about not feeling alone anymore, among the trees. Or finally being able to quiet the voices in your head because of the water’s song.

And thinking that maybe there still is beauty behind the dangerous things, with the sun.

It’s about the pieces of the world coming together to fit, and by doing so , helping all the pieces inside you to fit too.

Because that’s what I feel when I am here