The Downfall of Disney Channel

It happened Friday the 7th of November.


I was babysitting the girl a couple doors down, watching some show called “Liv and Maddie”. As I sat through this “comedy” show, I went back to the time I still watched Disney Channel, and loved shows like Kim Possible.


Then my revelation came: the Disney Channel has really gone down the drain.


Now, it’s not like Disney was always good. Since the channel launched in 1983, the channel had some dark moments, like 1996 when ratings began to drop thanks to the release of the Nickelodeon channel.


However, for the early part of my life, the Disney Channel was always consistent, a good place to turn to when playing in the sandbox just had no appeal.


Remember “That’s So Raven”, “Wizards of Waverly Place”, and “Suite Life of Zack and Cody”? I sure do. I loved that stuff.


How about “High School Musical” or “Hannah Montana”? Even now, I can recite the lyrics to “Nobody’s Perfect” and get very nostalgic.


But kids these days, they don’t have good shows like this. Every show seems to be made up of the same formula with little to no variation.


Even cute, old tv shows like the “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” are relegated to the Disney Jr. channel.


And maybe it’s just the inner parent in me, but I feel like the moral lessons subtly taught in these tv shows are not ones worth teaching to children.


Before, when teenage characters on a show did something bad or wrong, they most certainly got into trouble. I vividly remember Louis Stevens from “Even Stevens” getting in trouble with his parents and teachers.


The characters today, though always seem to get away with the trouble they cause. There are no consequences, and the parents look like dummies who can’t get their act together.


Additionally, there is a sassy attitude present in EVERY SINGLE CHILD. It gets very annoying very quickly, and takes away from what little plot there is. Do children have no consideration for respect?


All in all, it is fair to conclude Disney Channel has lost its golden touch.


But, hey, that’s just my two cents.