Pre-Thanksgiving Day Game

Thursday, November, 26th, Thanksgiving day.  For some, it is the best holiday of the year, with all of the turkey-lovers out there.  Thanksgiving is also a common favorite for other reasons, including football.  One of the longest traditions of all time is the high school Thanksgiving football game, where schools all over the country play their biggest rivals in the last game of the season.  The Pentucket Sachems (9-1) will take on the Triton Vikings (4-6) this thursday as they have for so many years.  The Sachems have had a phenomenal season, making it to the playoffs and winning the Cape Ann League title.  They beat the Vikings earlier in the season in a tightly contested match that spurred the Sachems to continue their winning streak.  The Vikings are not a team to be taken lightly, however.  Despite struggling with injuries at this point in the year, Triton has had a solid team this year and has played very well throughout the season.  The game is looking towards being a close one, much like last year’s thrilling game in which the Sachems won the “snow bowl” in the final seconds of the game.  This year’s end result will also be hard fought as the Sachems take on the Vikings on their home turf, kickoff set to take place at 10.