Go to College Effectively


In Money Magazine, there are a lot tips to help you with your college search.  Many still have questions on different aspects of the college experience.  Specifically there are articles about textbook costs, finding a “generous” college, cutting application costs, and how a liberal arts degree can pay off:


  1. Comparing Textbook Costs focuses on the different ways that students can now obtain textbooks and to save money with the increasing costs.  Textbook prices themselves have increased more than housing and tuition over the years, and by a whopping 812 percent. On average students spend at least $1,200 on textbooks per year.  Ms. Ducolon says to go to the library consortium online and also Amazon to see if they have used books.  The article gives an example of costs for a textbook called Drugs & Behavior: An Introduction to Behavioral Pharmacology, which buying new is $164.80 versus used on Amazon as $50.00.
  2. How to Find a Generous College, shows how with a lower acceptance rate, colleges are less likely to give students merit aid.  Also, public universities do not always hand out a lot of merit because of the already low tuition.
  3. Where a Liberal Arts Degree Pays three factors that students should look at when finding a liberal arts school are quality, affordability, and outcomes.  They offer the same education as other schools while giving you an advantage in today’s job market and are much more affordable.
  4. Cut Your College Application Costs, has five great tips for all of us: don’t go crazy, check out no-fee colleges, grab some waivers, watch your mail, and ask for help.  These five pieces of advice will make the application process cheaper and possibly less stressful.


Together these four articles give a great amount of guidance for those who are completely caught up in the college process and are looking for means of help.