More Evacuation Drills for Pentucket

Once more, the entire student body of Pentucket stands outside for a practice evacuation drill on November 18th, 2015. This is one of many drills Pentucket students and staff undergo through the duration of the school year.


Although the weather is lovely this time, the attitudes of the students are not as calm. Many A.P. English students expressed their frustration at missing the majority of a class period.


“We finally got a day of reading in class because in A.P English we have so much work to do…but now that we have time to our work in class, we have an evacuation” complains Junior Sam Marchant.


Fellow Junior Collin Tarr also vented his anger for this interruption: “I believe that we live in an impartial system of tyrannical oppressive rule by the union of teachers and the district of Pentucket, and I tell you sir that if it’s under the question of the students, we should just wing all the drills. I mean sure, some people might not make it out alive but that’s okay.”


Sophomore Liza Russell also felt the pressure from missing class. “The drill was really annoying because we’re having a debate in English and our participation grade is a big part of our grade. The drill interrupting our debate could really affect this grade.”


From a teacher’s standpoint, English teacher Mrs. Ducolon feels that while it is important to practice evacuation drills, it would be “more considerate to the staff that has to make lunch if the drills were held second and third period.”


For more Profile articles in regard to Pentucket evacuation drills, read “The Importance and Hassle of School Evacuations” by Rebecca Torrisi and “Too Many Evacuations and Lockdowns” by Beebe Jackson.