Lunch Room Trouble

In an email sent out on Friday, Ms. Costello stated that the library would be closed for lunches until Wednesday. The email states that the reason for this is because, “Unfortunately, a few students have been throwing food and leaving food in and around the book shelves thus ruining it for everyone.”


Although students are allowed in the library during the lunch period, there is no food allowed.


When in the library, students will often notice the stray lunch sitting on one of the bookshelves or wrappers stuffed into a couch. Because of this, even those who are not the culprits are temporarily banned from eating in the library.


When asked if closing the library to eating could become a permanent solution, Ms. Costello stated, “I don’t want it to be. I like the fact that last year I saw 56,413 students in the library.”


Ms. Costello also went into how she was the one who advocated for students to be able to eat lunch in the library in the first place.


Many students are wondering why Ms. Costello is choosing to close the library to all students, rather than just ban those who are causing problems. Although she says that this is an option, she does not know the exact culprits.


The reason for the library being closed is, “Because students need to learn that the library is a privilege,” according to Ms. Costello.