Is Homework REALLY ¨Home¨ work?


Is Homework REALLY ¨Home¨ work?

Do students actually complete their homework at home?


Some students reportedly stay up till 2am doing homework. When they decide that homework is not worth the loss of sleep, the ride to school is spent skimming chapters of a novel. Eventually the student hits rock bottom, filling in illegible words as the teacher is collecting it.


Sophomore Fiona Hill says, ¨I prefer to get it all done at night so that I don’t have to worry about it later. Sometimes I have to finish it at school before class starts but I’m usually good about having my homework done.¨


Many other students who would prefer to remain anonymous says that on a daily basis, they get homework sent to them from a friend. Teacher Ms. Goodrich reveals that she, ¨can usually tell¨ when a student copies another´s. Also Goodrich said that she almost always ¨confronts the students involved.¨ Ms. Goodrich advises students to take the harder way and complete the assignment on their own as “most of the time we [teachers] put questions from the homework on the quizzes, and a lot of students just don’t get it as they copy other people’s work.”


Junior Erica Sofia was once caught doing her homework at lunch in middle school. Her homework was taken by the lunch monitor and she was given a zero on the assignment by the teacher. Learning a lesson the hard way? Erica says that despite the embarrassment of the situation, ¨I still do a lot of my homework during lunch or before classes. I didn’t really care that she took it away that time, the next day I was doing the same exact thing with a different assignment at lunch.”


Sophomore Alanna Joachim says, “I always see students doing homework during classes where the teacher is less observant. I also see students literally doing homework during gym.”


How do teachers feel about their students doing homework at school versus at home? Are they satisfied that it’s done, or do they truly want their students to lose sleep over their assignments?

Teacher Ms. Goodrich says that when she sees students quickly doing homework she usually “does not take off points” as the students are “still developing the skill by doing the work.”


But how do other teachers feel about it?


German teacher Frau Careri says, “For regular nightly homework I rarely assign something lengthy, so it should be done before class.”


A few students advice to one another have been fairly similar in the overall message of “do the hardest and longest subjects at home and leave the quick worksheets for lunch or before classes.” How a student chooses to space out their tedious assignments is up to them, but one can only

handle so much stress at once.