There is a lot of people on this Earth. And with so many people, there are bound to be a couple doppelgangers. And that is just what journalism super hunk Jon Holewinski is here for. Listed below are some of the world’s biggest stars matched with your local pals of Pentucket High School.

Olivia Kemper and Dont’a Hightower


Mr. Ruland and Will Arnett

                                                 look 3look 4

Sam Marchant and Barack Obama

                                             look 5look 6

Ulyana Wood and the guy from “Good Luck Charlie”

         look 7look 8

Mr. Lovett and Louis C.K.

look 9look 10

Lucas Chory and Vince Staples

look 11look 12

Ms. Duculon and Professor Snape

look 13look 14

Leah Wyner and Adam Scott

look 15look 16

Travis Bounsy and Donald Glover

look 17look 18

Ms. Endyke and Brooke Shields (toothpaste lady

)look 19look 20

Jack Drelick (the man of 1000 look alikes) and Ed Helms, Rob Mcelhenney, and Big Cat

look 21look 22look 23look 24

Ms. Chory and Sandra Bullock

look 25look 26

Calvin McNiel and Kelly Olynyk

look 27look 28

Mr. Bixby and Chris Pratt

look 29look 30

Kelly Murray and Kobe Bryant

look 31look 32

Ms. Stone and George Clooney

look 33look 34