Colin Bode: Secret Soviet


It is a little known fact that Pentucket High Senior Colin Bode is fluent in Russian. He has spoken the language for about 3 years and is able to effectively communicate with the Russian cooks at The Sea Ketch, a seafood joint on Hampton Beach.

When Colin began working at The Sea Ketch, the cooks made fun of him for hours on end. They often humiliated him for the entire 12 hour workday. The men would give him the wrong names for things and then laugh when he said them back to the cooks.

He decided to learn how to speak Russian after he encountered language barriers with the cooks at The Sea Ketch.

At first, the going was tough for Colin. He struggled to get orders right, he floundered in the speaking of Russian. But soon, Colin caught on.

When he began learning the language of the North, he dashed into the app store on his phone. He frantically downloaded several apps to help with the learning of the language in order to more effectively fend off the humiliating cackles of the cooks.

After several years of this type of covert learning, Colin can speak the language well enough to get around the kitchen. No longer is he the infant of the restaurant.

The cooks used to laugh. But now, they dare not laugh. Colin knows the ins and outs of the language like no other American has ever known before.

He recently rapped in Russian for the Public Speaking class. He has such a control of the language at this point that he can flawlessly flip between Russian and English in the same sentence.

What language will the young Colin Bode tackle next? The world may soon find out!