Sachem Spring Sports 2k16


Ah spring. The snow has melted, the green grass is showing, the weather is nicer (kind of), and now the area’s finest athletes come out of their indoor facilities – rinks and gyms alike – to compete for Cape Ann League glory. Here’s a preview on what the Sachems have in store, with each team’s schedule attached below.




Boys track had a strong outdoor season last year, posting a record of 5 wins and 3 losses, and coming off of a phenomenal indoor season, the boys in short-shorts are looking for success. The captains for the boys are David Greene, Sam Coppola, Noah Malhi, Nate Hey, and Jordan Spaulding. Coppola, who recently committed Division 1 to the University of Rhode Island, feels confident going in. “We have essentially the same team as indoor and I am expecting it to be good. Personally I am looking forward to running the 800 meter and hopefully breaking a school record. Overall I am just really looking forward to a good last season as a senior here.”


Sophomore standout, Nick Murphy, echoed Coppola’s message. “This year is going to be magical. Noah [Malhi] is a beast, Sam [Coppola] is the trap king of the CAL distance team, David [Greene] is the dojo master of the sprinting realm, and Ian [Sands] gets really high in the pole vault. I am looking forward to an extremely bumpin’ track season.” Lace up those spikes and grab those javelins, the Sachems are sprinting towards a lot of wins this spring.




With a 2015 outdoor record of 6 wins and 2 losses, the girls are set to build off of what was a phenomenal year of running. The captains who look to lead the team to glory include Carolyn Modlish, Sophie Capobianco, Hallie Milne, and Maddie Nelson. Sophomore Sam Matthews gave her thoughts on the upcoming year. “I think we are going to run fast.” Simply put but it carries good meaning; running fast equals wins, it’s really fool-proof.


Capobianco also shared her thoughts. “I think the season will be pretty successful despite losing some good athletes. We have a lot of promising new talent and veterans who are definitely going to step up.”


Modlish, who is coming off of an all-star basketball season, kept it short and sweet as well. “There will be a lot of running; some fast, some slow, but in total it will be a grand season indeed.” If the girls keep their times around the same length of their quotes, then you can expect great things from the other Sachem running squad.




Forehands, backhands, and maybe a serve or two. Expect all of that and more in the upcoming boys tennis season. Coming off of a 2015 with 10 wins and 4 losses, senior captain Lucas Chory and junior captain Connor Aulson look to continue the recent success. “We’ve won the CAL title the past two years,” said Chory, “and we’re expecting nothing than a three-peat on the court this year.”


Junior Nick Piotrowski felt similarly. “All of the guys have been putting in work in practice and we’re ready to go. We’re really like a family, and we’re definitely looking for a three-peat.” With a strong returning lineup, boys tennis looks to cause a racquet (tennis puns) in the CAL in 2016.




Despite losing a few strong graduates, girls tennis looks to match (more tennis puns) and exceed what was a successful 10 win and 5 loss 2015 season. Boo Torrisi and Beebe Jackson are at the helm as the 2016 captains, with a “very good varsity lineup” below them, according to Emily Stys. The sophomore also feels there is good JV potential for the years to come.


Fellow sophomore Haley Palermo is expecting a big year from the girls. “We have a great group of people that are fun to be around and overall players who can really play the game well.” The togetherness mentality will be big, and unity will be key in finding a way to win this year.


Jackson reiterated the message of potential success in the new year. “It’s tough losing your top players from last year but I think our singles, especially, will be pretty strong.” Jackson also said doubles seems to be a potential concern for the girls but with work should also find its way along. A challenge lies ahead for the Sachems on the court, but a little hard work will go a long way for the girls.




An 8 win, 5 loss, and 1 tie record, as well as a state tournament appearance, marked the 2015 girls lacrosse season. However, rumbling around the hallowed halls of Pentucket say this year could be even better. Led by solo captain Jen Lovett, the girls are gearing for a solid run. Erica Warne is quite confident headed in. “I’m excited. This is going to be one of the best teams Pentucket has ever seen,” says the senior, “we’ve been practicing for over twenty days straight so we’re ready to go.”


Sophomore Sarah Kern emphasized the importance of the younger players stepping up. “The varsity team should do really well. They’ve been working hard and doing well in practice. The young players are talented and that’ll benefit the team in the long run.”


“I think we make it further than last year,” says senior Olivia Kemper, “we’re hopeful we bring home a CAL title.” Pipestave will be the place to be this spring when girls lax takes the field.




“We can compete with anyone on our schedule.” Captain Nick Arcadipane, along with captain Brandon Barlow, are expecting to be a tough team to face in the upcoming spring season. Coming off of a phenomenally thrilling 13 win and 3 loss 2015 season, boys lacrosse will have to find a few new pieces to fill the voids left by last years’ graduates.


“The first thing anyone notices about our team is how young we are,” says Jack Galligan, “but the freshmen and sophomores are quick learners and have a good understanding of the sport.” The junior believes that although the team has its work cut out for them, the preseason has also brought forth the team’s strengths. However, Galligan is ready to ride the rollercoaster ride that is any athletic season. “The season will have its ups and downs just the same as any other year, but that’s half the fun of playing. We’re ready to go.”


Robert Porter, who is coming off a successful season on the ice, agreed with Galligan. “I think we’re easily the best looking spring sports team. Overall I think we’ll be pretty good and have a good shot at the tournament.” Good looking and talented? That could be a deadly combo.


The lax bros are ready to take to the turf, are you ready?




The sister-sport of America’s favorite pastime is back in full swing at Pentucket. Led by senior captains Maddie Binding, Sarah Stewart, Corie Lucier, and Courtney Zimmerman, the girls look to build off of last years successful 12 win and 8 loss season. Binding believes the young team is ready to go. “It’s really a whole new team, basically composed of half sophomores and half upperclassmen. I’m expecting them to step up and that should make for a successful season.”


Junior standout Kim Kowalick reiterated her captain’s message. “I’m feeling pretty good. We have a lot of fun, and there’s definitely a good mixture of talent and potential on this team. The sophomores will have to be big for us.” Young talent is a vital part of any sports team and the softball girls will need the boost for the long run that lies ahead.


Sophomore stud Julie Freitas, who has already been shining on the mound for the girls, is confident in the team. “I have a feeling we’re going to do really well within the Cape Ann League and things are off to an already great start, so it’s looking to be a good season.”


This could be a must-see year for softball, so head down to the Pines to see the girls making plays and hitting bombs on the diamond.




The boys of the diamond are back and rolling this spring and look to swing a big stick (literally and figuratively) this season. Led by five captains – Ryan DePaolo, Kiernan Haley, Jackson McKean, Mitch Murray, and Cam Wolbach – the Sachems are looking to build off of a 2015 which saw a 10 win and 10 loss record and a successful tournament run. DePaolo shared his thoughts on what he is expecting for the 2016 spring. “I have high expectations. We obviously have a lot of talent and depth but we have to earn things. Overall we have a lot of potential to make a deep run and be a legitimate contender in the CAL and tournament.”


Junior Finn Graham added his brief thoughts. “I like baseball so this season will probably be fun.” And what’s not to like about this Sachem team? Good pitching, excellent defense, and powerful bats all will be big parts of their success this year. So grab a seat behind the high school and catch (baseball puns) a game or two; America’s favorite pastime is back in full swing (more puns) and this Sachem baseball team could be something special.