Sock Game: Day Two

Sock Game: Day Two

At the end of day two, 38 people have been hit and 25 people remain.


Highlights of the day:


  • Jon Holewinski (whose target was Ryan) helped out a friend and let Ryan Gavin into a safe classroom through the window. Jon wisely surrendered his socks to let Ryan know that he was not going after him. The two made an alliance and shook on it. They exited the classroom as friends, but once they were two steps into the hall and Jon tossed the socks at Ryan, they immediately became enemies.
  • Similar deception occurred between Brennan McGuirk and Cam Wolbach. Brennan tricked Cam into leaving the classroom and took advantage of the precious moments that Cam was out of the “safe-zone.”
  • Ryan Depaolo and Nasrin Musa were going after each other. Moments before the bell rang to start seventh period, Ryan casually walked down the hallway towards Nasrin and got her out before she even realized what hit her. Nasrin threw her socks as well, but she was a moment too late.


As the game begins to narrow down, the stress levels begin to rise.


Jon Holewinski described the feeling of playing the game perfectly: “This is the most stressed I’ve been about school in my entire life.”