Biomechanics Prosthetics Project

Biomechanics Prosthetics Project

A very special project has been created by Pentucket’s very own biomechanics class. On Monday, April 11th, Merrimack College student Joe Fairley presented the biomechanics class with a very impactful task: to construct six prosthetic hands that were printed from a 3-D printer at our very own high school. The prosthetic hands that the class made will be given to children in need.


Mr. Lovvett, the biomechanics teacher, has partnered with a worldwide non profit organization called E-nable to provide prosthetics for children around the world. E-nable works solely on donations and relies on thousands of people to help them make and distribute the prosthetics to those in need.


Mr. Lovvett integrated this project into his biomenchanics class curriculum as a way to both teach his students about the biomechanics of the hand and to also give his students the opportunity to participate in an international non profit endeavor.

The pictures below show the students making the prosthetics. This amazing Pentucket project will not be forgotten!

biomechanics 001

biomechanics 002

biomechanics 003

biomechanics 004