Sock Game: Day Three


Day three of “Assassin” was not quite as exciting as the first two days. With only 24 people remaining at the start of the day, a slower day was expected.


With less people chasing each other down, the halls remained relatively quiet; the official twitter account for the game even tweeted begging people to start getting each other out to keep the game moving.


The numbers dwindled from 24 people to 14 people pretty quickly. Front-runners and crowd favorites Ryan DePaolo and Lucas Chory were sadly knocked out of the competition today.


The issue of whether or not it is okay to get dismissed in order to avoid elimination arose today. Other than that, nothing very interesting happened. With smaller numbers and less people chasing each other down, everyone’s focus weans away from the Sock Game.


Hopefully, as the game progresses, the excitement will rise once again. When it narrows down to the last two people, the game is almost guaranteed to become interesting again.

Fourteen remain— who will win?