Color Day…Is It a Thing of the Past?

It’s that time of year again! As the leaves begin to fall and the cold air moves in, the students of Pentucket Regional High School are all busy with schoolwork and sports teams. As the football team prepares for their first game of the season on Friday the 20th, the long-awaited Thanksgiving football game against Triton is in the back of everyone’s mind. As all Pentucket veterans know, the Triton game is not just about the football team playing on Thanksgiving. Every year, in preparation for the game, the entire school participates in a unique pep rally known as “Color Day.”

Color Day is completely different from an average pep rally and consists of each class coming together to create a funny video and skit pertaining to both the Triton/Pentucket football game, and the theme that is assigned to each grade. In recent years, students have also added short, entertaining videos to supplement their skits. The skits take place on the last half day before Thanksgiving break and are always a fun bonding experience for the classes, as well as the school as a whole.

Although Color Day skits are a Pentucket tradition and a lot of fun for everybody, there has been word around the school that the skits are going to be banned. Inevitably, this news was extremely disappointing for students of Pentucket.

Many students feel that writing and performing a funny skit was truly beneficial in their class bonding. “Color Day is really the one thing every year that brings the whole school together” said John-Luc Sarkis. “The skits give lots of people the chance to come out of their shell and participate in something fun.”

Some of the students also feel that only being allowed to create videos would leave out an essential part of Color Day.

“The videos “just aren’t the same” said Audrey Moolic. “It takes away the spontaneous fun of it.”

If it is true that Color Day is becoming a thing of the past, the student body seems to genuinely hope that it will be replaced with something just as memorable as skits have been in the past.