What does your sleeping position say about you?


Everyone has a different position that they find most comfortable to sleep in. Whether it’s on his or her side, flat on his or her stomach, or standing up like a horse, a person’s sleeping position can easily give an insight into what kind of person he or she is.


The most common sleeping position is the fetal position, as nearly half of the world’s population prefers this style of sleep comfort. The fetal position consists of one being on his or her  side with thelegs curled up.


Sophomore Melina Demokritou describes the reasoning for her sleeping in this position as due to back pain. Junior Erica Sofia says that she “likes to curl up into a ball, and that’s easier to do on my side.”


People who sleep in the fetal position often work hard during the day and have to carry weight on their back to get work done. Whether that be on a sports team or a group project, fetal position sleepers are hard workers and natural born leaders. Try to hire your beloved fetal sleepers a masseuse, because his or her back certainly needs a break. Fetal sleepers also try to hide their emotions from others so often that their emotions  eventually overflow. Make sure to comfort fetal sleepers emotionally to try and make their life easier.


The second most common sleep position is known as the log. The log is when one is on his or her  side with the legs completely straight and the arms resting on their side.


Sophomore Jessie Anderson says that the position is “comfortable for her arms,” and that she only recently found comfort in the position.


People who sleep in the log position love to explore and love family camping trips. If you are friends with a log sleeper, a road trip will always be fun with an adventurous log friend. Log sleepers also have a hard time letting loose and truly enjoying a moment when it presents itself.


Another popular position is the yearner, which is when one is on their side with their arms stretched out.


This position says that one is open to new things and will always appreciate help from friends, family, or even strangers. Yearner sleepers are always reaching for something that they cannot reach and will never be satisfied in their life or fill the empty hole their hearts possess.


A sleeping position that is surprisingly uncommon is known as the soldier, when one is lying on their back with their arms resting at their sides.


Soldier sleepers appreciate the little things in life. If it’s someone holding a door open for them, a good poem, or simply a bottle of water, a soldier sleeper will savor and treasure it. They will never feel that an expensive gift is necessary for them to be given for occasions but will always try and spoil the ones they love around them, whether it be a special occasion or not.


The position when one is on their stomach is known as freefaller. This is possibly the sleeping position seen as most uncomfortable to those who it does not suit.


Juliette Belliveau describes the position as comfortable due to how she places pillows on her chest and stomach to make it bearable. The position may look uncomfortable, but Belliveau assures that it is actually very comfortable for a good night’s sleep.


Learning that one sleeps in the freefaller position can say that the person is creative but does not always apply this creativity to all aspects of his or her life. His or her creativity is only used in aspects that the freefaller feels is important, which is not always school. Also, they work hard in order to accomplish in areas which their creative minds strive and do not give up at the first sign of struggle.


Another universally popular sleeping position is called the starfish, which is when one is sleeping on his or her back with the arms lifted near the head.


Sophomore Taylor Fitzpatrick sleeps in the starfish position and often finds herself “waking up with sore arms” but refuses to change the way that she sleeps.


Starfish sleepers hate change and often finds themselves yearning for a time when life was simpler. They are also persistent workers and will not give up on a cause that they believe in. Never underestimate a starfish sleeper when he or she put his or her mind to something.


Of course, there will always be a small percent of select people who do not fit into any of the previously mentioned categories. Sophomore Alanna Joachim sleeps with one leg crossed over another, a position that most would find to be extremely uncomfortable and impossible to fall asleep in. That says that the person is unique in their own way and does not like to follow societal standards.


Everyone has their position that allows them to fall asleep, and while these inferences may not always be completely accurate, sleeping is a big part of everyone’s life, and one is able to put their own personality into what they do for practically a third of his or her life.