iPhone Malfunctions

iPhone Malfunctions

Has your iPhone ever died before it should have, or had other malfunctions? If your iPhone is from the fifth generation or earlier, odds are, it has.


Apple iPhones are supposed to be the best of the best, right? Well, while they have a great reputation, it seems that they fail to live up to this reputation.


“When I had my old phone,” said Pentucket Sophomore Alanna Joachim, “it would mess up all the time. The lock button was broken, and it would die when it still had a ton of battery left.”


It seems that malfunctioning iPhones are a commonality in the lives of Pentucket students.


Pentucket Sophomore Madi Codair explained that she has always had trouble with her iPhone: “I got the screen on my old phone fixed, but even after that, it was still really messed up!”


Codair also explained the many problems of her old phone: “In the middle of using my phone it would just shut off completely and wouldn’t turn back. Then I had to get a new phone since that one was all messed up. But my new phone still doesn’t work as well as it should! There were just so many small things wrong with it that I can’t even remember.“


Storage is also another main problem. Most people are annoyed by the fact that a lot of storage is taken up by things that are undeletable. For example, the 16 gigabyte iPhone only has about 13 gigabytes of actual storage, and a lot of that storage is taken up by useless and undeletable apps and functions.


Gabby Blake, another Pentucket Sophomore, said, “It has really low storage. I got the one with 16 gigabytes, but really it has almost nothing. A lot of it is taken up by the software itself, which is really stupid when you think about it. There are a ton of things I can’t get rid of, like the apps that come on your phone that take up space but you can’t delete them.They make me angry, not gonna lie.”


Sophomore Hayley Palermo said, “I still have iOS 7 on my phone and I can’t update because I have no storage. I can’t get enough storage no matter how hard I try, and it should be easier to update! Also, it has a lot of glitches. I mean they might be because I don’t have the update, but I can’t get the update. It all full circles to the update.”


Sophomore Emily McFarland explained that her phone recently had a very distressing problem: “Mine just shut off the other night. I was playing a game and it just decided to shut off. It was so weird! None of the buttons would work and it wouldn’t do anything I wanted to. I was freaking out because I thought I wasn’t going to be able to use it or anything. I thought it might just crap out, and I would lose all my stuff on that phone.”


Almost all iPhone owners have had trouble with their phone battery at one time or another. Codair said, “The battery goes by wicked fast. My old phone would lose it really really fast, and when it was on low power mode it just wouldn’t work most of the time and would shut off at random times. On my new one, low battery mode sometimes works, but not very well.”


Pentucket Sophomore  Melina Demokritou said, “My old phone died in like thirty minutes. The battery got worn down as easily.  If you use your phone as much as the average teenager does, it is going to die really really fast.”


Demokritou also said, “Obviously the battery runs out in all phones at some point, but I feel like iPhones run out of battery particularly fast.”


McFarland added, “Sometime’s I’ll plug it in and it will suddenly jump in the battery. Like it would say that it has 14% and then I plug it in and it has 32% or something. Or when I unplug it and it’s at like 20%, and then two seconds later it’s down to five. I hate it. It’s so annoying!”


Newburyport Senior Alison Russell said, “My phone is really terrible. It has died at 70% before! I also once watched my battery go from 65% to 30% in less than a minute.”


Blake added that “The battery is trash. I have to charge it when I go home. It doesn’t last at all and I almost always have to charge it when I get home. It really shouldn’t go that fast. Even when I barely use it and just have it in my backpack during school, it loses battery so fast.”


However, there are some precautions one can take to avoid iPhones having a bad battery life. Don’t charge your phone overnight, and unplug it once it is at 100% as to not overcharge it. Also, try to only use chargers made by Apple. Other chargers may the harmful to the iPhone, because Apple is just that annoying and money hungry.


Every single person that I asked who had an iPhone had some experience with a malfunction, which just goes to show the commonality of iPhone problems.