Finsta or nah?


The majority of students use Instagram for its intended purpose; to post pictures that they like and want to share with their peers. But there is an underground group that use the app in a different way.


A finsta is defined as “fake Instagram” or “funny Instagram”. On these finstas one can post pictures that he only wants a few people to see; just ridiculous things that are happening to him at the moment. The individual usually only allows his closest friends to follow, ones that would enjoy the large amount of posts and ridiculosity of the content.


Some students here at Pentucket have been avid fans of this new use of an old medium. Adriana Santos, popular finsta user, says “I like it. It’s fun because you get to post things you wouldn’t normally post on your main instagram.” This seems to be the popular opinion among the users. People like finstas because they are fun.


When asked what he thought about finstas, Brennan McGuirk just replied with “follow mine @raviolimcg.” Clearly Brennan is proud of his finsta and wants others to see what all the fuss is about.


Even those who don’t use Instagram’s software as finsta support the idea. Nick Piotrowski says, “Finstas are a good idea. They give people the opportunity to express themselves.” It seems as if a majority of students have a finsta or support those who run their own.


But every success has got its own critics.


A few students believe that finstas are pointless or ridiculous. When asked to talk about what she thought of the trend junior Makenna Comeau said, “I can’t even talk about finstas, I hate them so much.” It seems as if some people see the values in these accounts yet those who do not are passionate about their dislike.


Some people are also against finstas due to the fact that they clog up their timelines. Simon Davis remarked, “I hate it, I try to scroll past it all but I just can’t.”


It depends on the person whether or not they like finstas; those who like them are very passionate for them and those who do not are the opposite.


Overall, the finsta community is supportive and creative and the finsta community will continue to thrive.